Vithone Paradise on-wall speaker is a unique proposition for listeners and users that have a problem with an insufficient space to put the speakers in with their design. There are  many relevant speakers on the market, but they have two fundamental deficiencies: too large and / or the odd design. Otherwise some listeners and users just need speakers that do not look like ordinary speakers.

Vithone on-wall speaker kits are targeted for customers who appreciate the sound discretion of the room, and at the same time they want to emphasize the unique atmosphere of the interior supplemented with unusual design of Vithone speakers. An example is shown in the following figure

On-wall speakers


These specially designed speakers, based on the construction of studio monitors, provide the impression of surround sound emanating „from the wall.” Extremely flat design (only 42 mm = 1.7″) in any way does not interfere with your interior furnishings. Furthermore, their appearance can be perfectly matched to the color and style of the room. Vithon speakers carry both the quality of sound and visuals, creating a mood, which guests can only dream of.

Additionally, there is a possibility to make your own artwork or photography. In such case, please contact us.

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Vithone Paradise wall-mounted speakers are created primarily for the publicity at the premises of a public nature, such as restaurants, cafes, pubs, where they create a perfect atmosphere, pleasant both to the eye and ears of guests staying in them. They are designed to achieve the characteristics of omni-directional sound evenly covering the property space.

Just hang them on the wall, also utilizing the old speaker installation without any modifications. Due to the favorable impedance of 8 Ohms, they can be connected to any mono or stereo amplifier. And whether  the use of load impedance 4 Ohms is available it may be connected to the two on-wall speakers of Vithone Paradise on each channel, for a total of 4 speakers sound system in a single unit.

The primary loudspeaker system based on Paradise columns can be complemented with subwoofer giving deep bass sound. It expands the range of sound, being very beneficial in terms of the effect on the feelings of the audience. It is produced just on the customer’s request.