Here are our projects that provide free of charge for the purpose of self-built exclusively for your needs:


1-way speaker systems

are the simplest and cheapest structures designed for beginners. They do not require experience and manual skills.

These structures are designed for DIY beginners who want to learn the ins and outs of building loudspeakers. Undoubtedly have three advantages:

– very simple structure,

– low cost,

– no crossover, which many professionals will appreciate, because it has a negative effect on the sound.




a tiny speaker, ideal for beginners, as the first construction

Project V1001


very simple column in a bass-reflex of the passband of 60 Hz – 20 kHz

 Project V1002


fullrange speaker to hang on the wall

 Project V1003


floorstanding loudspeaker with fullrange speaker

 Project V1004


sound speaker for wide spaces, the possibility of cooperation with PA 100V systems

 Project V1005


And our subwoofer projects:


unique design subwoofer without traditional speaker , ideal for experimentation

Project VS101


simple and cheap subwoofer, 300 W output power, for home and car

Project VS102


small-sized subwoofer with speaker at the side located

Project VS103


flat subwoofer with dual speakers and a bass – reflex tunnels

Project VS104

2-way speaker systems

They are the most common designs created by designers. Recommended for most people and producers.

They are made by a majority of amateurs, professionals and companies producing loudspeakers. They have a very good relationship between costs and quality of sound. They can be built in boxes of various sizes: small (bookshelf speakers) or large, standing enclosures as floorstanding speakers.

Also, center speakers for home theater can be designed as a 2-way systems.



2-way speaker system in a sealed enclosure for little money

Project V2001


design floor high-end loudspeaker in a bass-reflex enclosure for demanding business using loudspeakers Seas

Project V2002


high-end monitors, speakers based company with an attractive design Seas

 Project V2003


speaker with strong bass, designed to play music dynamic, disco

Project V2004


a small floorstanding speaker with speakers in a D’Appolito for small rooms

Project V2005


And our center speaker projects:


design center speaker based on the speaker’s Seas, designed for home theater

Project VC201


center speaker 100W home cinema for little money

Project VC202


3-way speaker systems

It’s more complex kits, but also giving very good sound. Designed for audiophiles, professionals and companies with large production potential.

These are structures that require a lot of experience and considerable financial resources. However, with time every handyman will want to build yourself the loudspeaker. A well-designed and properly constructed 3-way speaker system is sure to bring great satisfaction to its owner.




3-way speaker based on the Reference Series speakers with extremely good performance in terms of linearity characteristics and very low distortion

 Project V3001


the draft floor loudspeaker using a ribbon tweeter

Project V3002


The large enclosure using high-end speakers with KEVLAR® cones

Project V3003


very narrow and nice floorstanding speaker with woofer located at left or right side

Project V3004