Loudspeaker projectsSeveral expectations for the finished product have to be defined prior to the development of the new solution:

– listener music preferrences (kind of music, sound quality and performance)

– play space to be used,

– the power of music playback,

– how many way is to be loudspeaker set,

– a kind o column (floor, wall, with holder etc),

– external appearance (size, dimensions, design),

– predictable production volume.


For each loudspeaker design required technical documentation is prepared with approximate cost estimation. Constructed prototype set (usually in several copies), is a subjected to aural tests in an anechoic chamber. Any modifications in the housing, bass-reflex tunnel and crossover are also tested in the chamber.

Of course, for the construction of each model are used only high-quality materials


Here are our projects that provide free of charge for the purpose of self-built exclusively for your needs:


1-way speaker systems

are the simplest and cheapest structures designed for beginners. They do not require experience and manual skills.

These structures are designed for DIY beginners who want to learn the ins and outs of building loudspeakers. Undoubtedly have three advantages:

– very simple structure,

– low cost,

– no crossover, which many professionals will appreciate, because it has a negative effect on the sound.


2-way speaker systems

They are the most common designs created by designers. Recommended for most people and producers.

They are made by a majority of amateurs, professionals and companies producing loudspeakers. They have a very good relationship between costs and quality of sound. They can be built in boxes of various sizes: small (bookshelf speakers) or large, standing enclosures as floorstanding speakers.

Also, center speakers for home theater can be designed as a 2-way systems.


3-way speaker systems

It’s more complex kits, but also giving very good sound. Designed for audiophiles, professionals and companies with large production potential.

These are structures that require a lot of experience and considerable financial resources. However, with time every handyman will want to build yourself the loudspeaker. A well-designed and properly constructed 3-way speaker system is sure to bring great satisfaction to its owner.