Vithone - projekty kolumn głosnikowych

We design loudspeaker projects for manufacturersprofessionals, hobbyists and us. Contact us and we will send offer including design, execution of technical documentation, acoustic measurements and the final prototype.

1. Selection

Fit speakers, crossover and other components to the proposed system.

2. Documentation

Preparation of documentation 2D and 3D, also preliminary cost of the project

3. Prototypes

Design of the initial construction or prototype based on the documentation

4. Measurements

Making acoustic measurements and fix bugs in the documentation

5. Production

Preparation of the product and launch small series production for the Customer

Professionally designed and built speakers will reward each listener time spent with them.

1-way speaker systems

This is the simplest and cheapest structures designed for beginners. They do not require experience and manual skills.

2-way speaker systems

These are the most common designs created by designers. Recommended for most people and producers.

3-way speaker systems

It's more complex kits, but also giving very good sound. Designed for audiophiles, professionals and manufacturies with large production potential.

Bookshelf speaker VB1001

Small bookshelf speakers with stand.

Loudspeaker VB2001

3-way floorstanding loudspeaker project VB2001

Subwoofer VS1002

Subwoofer VS1002 with LCD color panel